Cynthia Nixon Asks Her Supporters to Donate $4.20 After Promoting Marijuana Legalization

Cynthia Nixon's campaign for governor continues with her latest video about why she supports legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in NY.

Nixon says she was honored to receive the endorsement Saturday and "inspired by the enthusiasm of progressive working-class members of the party". Those same members will vote again next month on formally nominating her for the party's line on the ballot.

But in 2014, the party started to fracture as some liberal groups grew disenchanted with Cuomo's moderate record and his relationship with Republicans who control the state Senate.

The Working Families Party was started 20 years ago as a labor-backed, third-party effort to influence state and local elections, and it has had success in helping candidates in the field with volunteers and union endorsements.

She said that NY would be different if she were in charge, she promised to end cash bail, make NY a sanctuary state for immigrants, and phase out fossil fuels.

Nixon is mounting a progressive challenge against Cuomo.

The Working Families Party said it was pleased to show independence from Cuomo, the Democratic Party's flagbearer.

She announced her campaign in mid-March, running left of 2-term Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Even if Nixon's long-shot campaign to defeat Cuomo in the Democratic primary were to succeed, the governor's name would nearly certainly still be on the ballot in November. The issue is one of the biggest differences between herself and her Democratic opponent incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. "We can build a movement that can win, but only if we all come together".

  • Tracy Klein