Donald Trump Still 'May Go' to US Embassy Dedication in Jerusalem

President Donald Trump insists that moving the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be fast, easy, and cheap - just a fraction of what experts estimate it will cost.

Zeman previously voiced support for President Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which sparked outrage among Palestinians and across the Muslim world. "They were going to spend a billion and we're going to spend much less than a half a million", Trump said, going off on a tangent when responding to a question simply about whether he meant to attend the embassy's opening.

CBN's Ben Kennedy asked President Trump during a joint press conference with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Friday if he and members of his family planned to fly out for the historic opening.

Trump said, thereafter, he told his ambassador to Israel. We already own the site, we own the building. "I said, "What's this $ 1 billion?' He said, 'I can build it for United States dollars 150,000".

"We have a great site". Gallant said that such a neighborhood could be called "Embassy Town" or "Trump Town", in honor of President Trump, who initiated the American embassy's move.

Trump said he had nearly signed off on a proposal to build a new $1 billion embassy but baulked when he considered the cost. "Instead of in 10 years from now, we can open it up in three months".

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu during the president's visit to Israel in May 2017. We own the building.

But not to be cheap, Trump said he suggested upping the retrofit to $300,000 or $400,000.

"But that's the way government works".

They came to me with a proposal for a $1 billion embassy in Jerusalem.

An existing U.S. consular facility in Jerusalem will be retrofitted in order to speed up the process instead of a new building being built.

The announcement was greeted with approval by Israeli politicians though Acting Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis opposes the embassy move in accordance with European Union policy.

  • Tracy Klein