Eight Cameroonian athletes go missing from Commonwealth Games

In a freaky set of events, five more athletes appear to be missing from Commonwealth Games Village organisers said on Thursday, after eight competitors from Cameroon were suspected of fleeing a day earlier.

"These athletes left in three waves - first in the night of April 8 three athletes departed from the village".

Commonwealth officials have informed the Australian police about the "desertion" and authorities have warned the athletes about overstaying.

Uganda and Kenyan athletes at the Gold Coast Games.

Another boxer Juma Miiro is already assured of a medal after qualifying for the semifinals in the 46-49kg weight category.

Commonwealth Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg said officials were working with the Ugandan and Rwandan athletes' respective teams.

Six had finished competing, while the two boxers left the village without taking part in their events.

Cr Dobie said there was no indication they were unhappy and "they were great ambassadors for their country, there was no indication at any time that there was an issue with individuals".

Meanwhile, most of the remaining Cameroon delegation has left Australia now that their specific competitions are complete.

Molombe expressed sadness following the disappearance of the eight athletes.

After initial reports of five athletes unaccounted for, Cameroon's chef de mission Victor Agbo Nso confirmed on Wednesday the number had grown to eight.

"Although they have valid visas until mid-May. we are concerned because they haven't turned up for events when they are the reason they are here", he told Macquarie Media radio on Thursday. Weightlifters Olivier Heracles Matam Matam, Petit David Minkoumba and Arcangeline Sonkbou Fouodji are also among the missing.

It's obviously disappointing that I think some of the athletes that have come didn't compete as they were scheduled to compete. Following the 2012 London Olympics, at least 21 athletes were reported missing, including seven from Cameroon, and four from the DRC, as well as nationals of Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan and Ethiopia. They aren't going to game the system, and aren't going to stay here.

  • Steve Townsend