Local Doctors Push For Organ Donations During National Donate Life Month

"The objective of the green ribbon campaign is to bring awareness to the fact that we need more donors, and how much good it does to be a donor", Kevin Allen, public affairs coordinator at Midwest Transplant Network, says.

Before losing his life in Friday's tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash, Logan Boulet signed up to be an organ donor.

This is part of a trend for the organ donor agency.

Soon, the DMER will also organise a workshop for students who did not undersign the pledge form to donate their organs.

Any Manitoban looking to become an organ donor can do so by registering at signupforlife.ca.

The Canadian Press reports that by Monday, April 8, almost 900 people in Alberta had expressed interest in becoming an organ donor, compared to the average of 425 normally seen over a two-day period.

"It's such an easy thing that everyone can try to do to help", Stokke, 25, said in a phone interview.

According to reports, only 20% of Canadians have card potential organ donors, although, according to surveys, 90% of the population support this initiative.

Gavsie adds that one organ donor can save the lives of eight people.

"What makes Logan such a hero is that he actually took action", Gavsie said.

The government is now looking to further improve the supply of donations by introducing an opt-out system for organ donation, meaning it will be assumed that people are willing to donate their organs unless otherwise specified.

In Utah alone, there are around 800 people waiting to receive a transplant.

She said many people put off registration because they don't want to think about how this issue could affect them, but she hopes Boulet's example will jolt Canadians into signing up.

"The only way to save these people is for people like you and me and our family members to donate organs", said Dr. James Eason, "... and that can be either after death with your family's consent or it can be while your still alive with a living kidney or a living liver donation".

  • Sylvester Abbott