Man arrested after missing Virginia woman's body found in woods

A West Virginia woman has been charged with murder after allegedlydecapitating her boyfriend and demanding 'you have to take me back and let me get my heads, ' at the time of her arrest.

She became aggressive and had to be placed under arrest before reportedly telling police: "You have to take me back and let me get my heads".

Later April 1, police received reports of a murder at a different residence and found White's decapitated body inside.

Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, was arrested last week in Relation to the passing of her boyfriend, Bo White.

The Virginia law enforcement officials recently arrested a 41-year-old woman who allegedly decapitated her boyfriend.

According to the authorities, on the day of Mills' arrest, a homeowner called 911 and told the emergency dispatcher that the Virginia woman showed up at her house in an advanced stage of intoxication and refused to leave.

According to West Virginia Metro News, the 41-year-old now faces a charge of second-degree murder.

Mills gave officers a fake name and said the blood was from a cut on her finger then changed her story and said she was attacked and pushed into a glass door, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

He told MetroNews, "Even though she's only been initially charged with second-degree murder because there was some initial doubt about premeditation, [the] grand jury could certainly indict her for first-degree murder". Deputies also said they found a body part of the victim near woods close to his home.

Police told AP it's unclear if White was killed by decapitation or if he died before that.

'We do not know if he was killed by the beheading or if he expired before that. "That determination will have to be made by the medical examiner", Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler said.

Mills has been charged with second-degree homicide and, in line with jail data, is being held on the Southern Regional Jail on a $210,000 money exclusively bond.

Roena Cheryl Mills was in court on Monday for a competency hearing. The case is heading to a grand jury in June.

  • Tracy Klein