North Korea soon likely to have missiles that could reach UK - MPs

Officials from North and South Korea met on Thursday (April 4) to discuss the logistics of a rare summit later this month, which will see Kim Jong Un become the first North Korean leader to set foot in the South since the end of the Korean War.

Kim's nukes have become rapidly more risky over the past few years, firing scores of missiles and last year and detonating an H-bomb.

Kim and the South's president Moon Jae-in are due to meet on April 27 at the South's side of the demilitarised zone for the landmark inter-Korean summit.

This dire warning comes as 330,000 troops carry out war games near North Korea in war drills jointly held by the USA and South Korea.

Here's the North Korean leader at what was said to be a missile test in May 2017.

Kim proposed another concert in South Korea later this year with performers from the North in response to this week's shows in Pyongyang by K-pop artists, South Korea's Culture Minister Do Jong-whan told reporters in Seoul.

The report, entitled Rash or Rational?: North Korea and The Threat It Poses, argues that the country has significantly stepped up its nuclear testing over the past 24 months.

"The focus of the talks is likely to be about security matters and how Kim Jong-un will smoothly and safely cross the border - how the South and North's respective secret service will handle the situation needs to be discussed" said Hong Min, director of the North Korean studies division at the Korea Institute for National Unification.

"It is obvious to North Korea that launching such weapons would lead inescapably to devastating military consequences", the report goes on. They also suggested he could be "dissuaded from the use of nuclear weapons, by means of a policy of deterrence and containment".

"I got the impression that Kim Jong-un is a person who works in a very meticulous manner, checking everything whether big or small, given that he instructed his man to go quickly and seek understanding when such a thing happened".

The report argues it is "far more likely that the United Kingdom will continue to suffer from reckless North Korean cyber-attacks, such as Wannacry", on account of the regime's "utter lack of concern about who gets hurt by such attacks".

Kim has since embarked on a diplomatic overture that has seen him pencil in summit meetings with the South and the USA and make his worldwide debut with a visit to Beijing - his first overseas trip since taking power in 2011.

Trump and Kim are expected to have a sitdown for a major peace summit during May.

  • Tracy Klein