Remembering Martin Luther King Jr

One of the many stories the museum tells is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s last visit to Memphis, where he was assassinated 50 years ago.

The Lorraine Motel, where King was assassinated, staged a day of remembrance and reflection Wednesday.

From the Black Lives Matter movement to protests against gun violence and efforts to reform America's criminal justice system, many around the region continue to follow in his footsteps.

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his prophetic but inspirational "I've Been to the Mountaintop", speech at the historic Masonic Temple in Memphis, Tennessee.

Throughout the day, Comcast NBCUniversal's livestream will provide viewers around the world with front-row access to the museum's lineup of speakers, performances and tributes from civil rights leaders. Telling that story "seemed to transport him into a profound gloom about mortality-his mortality", writes Rosenbloom, who notes that while King talked about death on many occasions, it was never in such a morose tone.

The reality, one inescapable, is that five decades after an assassin's bullet ended his life on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality in America died with him. "There he declared in his April 3 sermon, perhaps having a premonition of his death, and paraphrasing Moses, "[God has] allowed me to go up to the mountain.

"I've seen the promised land". "His message of nonviolence was revolutionary - when you get into violence, it takes on a life of its own and nobody comes out clean", he added. "No student is explicitly kept from a school because of race".

Enraged by King's murder, blacks throughout the nation rioted. He noted that he has been part of the struggle for 50 years, telling a reporter: "I'm still anxious and frustrated".

As the news of King's death spread, riots broke out in black neighborhoods across the country including Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, where President Lyndon B. Johnson sent in the Army and National Guard. Today, the museum opened a new exhibit to the public, entitled "MLK50: A Legacy Remembered".

April 8, 1968: almost 15,000 people marched from St. Boniface through downtown Milwaukee in honor of Dr. King. Mayor Maier proclaimed the citywide day of mourning on April 9, 1968, the day of King's funeral in Atlanta.

What's Martin Luther King's legacy?

In the USA alone, 955 streets are named for King.

King's accomplishments are well known.

Although it was King's iconic speeches and rallies that are preserved in history, Young also remembers the civil rights leader for his sense of humor. He spoke about unemployment, school segregation, housing and movements to counter non-violence. The Baptist pastor's faith played the pivotal role in his fervent quest for political and social change.

Mallard said the exchange illustrated just how little she knew at the time about the civil rights leader from Atlanta. While many will focus on King's nonviolent resistance as the benchmark of his legacy, few recognize the unbridled, unchecked, unrepentant racial hate that haunted him until his death.

"If we are to create systemic change, we must address the growing economic wealth divide that disproportionately impacts people of color and the institutional racism that locks more than forty million Americans in poverty".

  • Gwendolyn Kim