Russia Conducts 2nd Test of Heavy Ballistic Missile Sarmat

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video showing the RS-28 Sarmat-dubbed "Satan 2" by the NATO Western military alliance-being launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Mirny, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

On Friday, AP reported: "President Vladimir Putin said earlier this month that Sarmat weighs 200 metric tons and has a higher range than Satan, allowing it to fly over the North or the South Poles and strike targets anywhere in the world". The Russian Defense Ministry posted video footage of the launch.

The test comes during tense times between the United States and Russian Federation, as the two countries have gone tit-for-tat in expelling diplomats from either country.

The ICMB was sacked for the second time since tests began last December, say Moscow officials.

The missile test comes as Russia seeks to explain the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy on British soil earlier this month with a Soviet-linked nerve agent that has resulted in a near-complete breakdown of relations between the United Kingdom and Russia, while the US has firmly supported the U.K.'s response.

There are worries about the rising tension between some countries when it comes to nuclear weapons. It also accelerates faster, which could help it elude missile defense systems.

Putin has made much of developing such "invincible" systems as a counter to costly United States missile defense programs.

The White House said in a statement that it knows Russian Federation has been developing "destabilizing weapons systems for over a decade in direct violations of its treaty obligations", Fox News said.

Experts have said Putin's claims about the missile were hyperbolic, given that Russia's current Voyevoda-class ICBMs can already easily overwhelm the U.S.' missile defenses, as they could have in the Cold War. "No one listened before, so listen to Russian Federation now", Putin said.

Putin also boasted of Russia's "modern, compact and high-tech army".

  • Tracy Klein