Syria Air Defense Shoots Down Missiles over Homs, Damascus

Syrian state-run television reported early Tuesday that Syrian air defenses have faced a new "aggression" more than Homs, however, failed to say who carried from the air strikes.

An "electronic attack" was one of a handful of reasons given for why Syria's air defence system kicked into action last night, as the country's state media stepped back from initial reports that it had been hit by another round of missile strikes.

State television did not mention three missiles that were fired at Dumair military airport, northeast of Damascus, that pro-Iranian Hezbollah's media service reported were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.

The raid in Homs countryside reportedly coincided with another missile attack against a military airbase near Damascus. Earlier it was reported that two F-15 Israel struck eight missiles on the airfield Tifor. "We don't have anything additional to provide".

Before the US -led attack, Israeli warplanes had fired missiles on the T-4 airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs on April 9, killing 14 soldiers, including Iranian fighters.

Last year, Shayrat airbase suffered another USA missile attack after chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime. Syria and its main allies Iran and Russian Federation blamed Israel for that attack.

The Shayrat Air Base was hit by 59 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles previous year.

Meanwhile, a Pentagon spokesman said in a brief statement that there was no US military activity in that area at this time. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept some of the projectiles, according to a SANA reporter.

Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias have a large military presence in Syria and are well entrenched in central and eastern areas near the Iraqi border.

  • Valerie Cook