Trump says trusted lawyer Michael Cohen will not turn on him

Amid growing speculation that the White House was concerned Cohen could be persuaded to cooperate with federal prosecutors, NBC News spoke to five sources close to Cohen and Trump this week.

"Ironically, Michael now holds the leverage over Trump", Nunberg told the Times, adding that Trump had long taken Cohen "for granted".

Trump is facing numerous legal challenges in addition to the Mueller probe-from allegations women were paid money to stay quiet about affairs with him, to challenges over his family businesses.

Trump described Cohen, whose offices, hotel room and home were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on April 9, as being a "businessman for his own account/lawyer who I have always liked & respected".

The Cohen probe is seen as possibly more unsafe to Trump than special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, as Cohen has been one of his closest associates for over a decade and is deeply entwined in his business and personal dealings.

The post included a link to the story and a screenshot of Trump's first tweet with the misspelling.

Mr Cohen's lawyers have called the raid an assault on lawyer-client privilege and Mr Trump has said it was "an attack on our country".

Of course, his claim that he has "nothing to do with" Haberman and doesn't speak with her is easily disprovable.

Mr. Trump's attacks on the press, which have previously drawn applause from audiences at his campaign-like rallies, have been a hallmark of his campaign strategy and now, of his presidential style. Bush. The president chose not to go to the Houston service, but first lady Melania Trump attended.

Her Times colleague, Michael S. Schmidt, undercut Trump's claim on Twitter, posting a photo of Haberman standing with the president in the Oval Office; in it, Trump, smiling ear-to-ear, is giving his signature thumbs-up.

Haberman reports on the White House for the Times and has covered Trump since his days a businessman in NY. Just look at how they're portraying him.

"They spend a couple days in jail, make a new friend, and they are ready to talk", Mr. Trump said, according to Comey's notes.

"Whether Trump knows it or not, these efforts are being closely watched by foreign leaders who are already using his words as cover as they silence and shutter one of the key pillars of democracy", McCain wrote. "This has provided cover for repressive regimes to follow suit".

  • Gwendolyn Kim