William & Mary students grill former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey at town hall

"His only reference point is internal - "what will bring me what I need, what will fill this hole in me - get me the affirmation I crave" - that is deeply concerning", Comey told CNN's Anderson Cooper at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

"Before we graduated I tried to talk to him", Comey said.

When the former Director was asked if he believed the President possesses the moral and mental capacities to effectively lead the armed forces, he said: "I don't believe he's morally fit to be president of the United States".

One student asked Comey if he has a nickname for Trump. Separately, I wrote a bunch of memos about my interactions with President Trump. Higher-than-expected demand led Macmillan imprint Henry Holt & Co to order up 2.1 million copies in its first week.

And for Trump's supporters, the assessments are sure to be viewed as inappropriate and inaccurate and proof that the fired former Federal Bureau of Investigation director is - as the White House says - simply whipping up controversy for profit.

Doors opened around 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The book has drawn Mr Trump's ire as Comey compared the President to a mob boss who emphasises personal loyalty over the law and has little regard for morality or truth. "Really, grandpa?" Comey said.

Publisher Flatiron Books, a division of privately-owned Macmillan, said it has printed more than 1 million copies of Comey's book, which has made national headlines. "And so I hope they'll ask themselves that question and realize they have to look above those policy issues and think about what matters most in this country". But Comey says he was sacked to disrupt the investigation he was leading into suspicions of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation to influence the election.

"The details matter because the facts matter, and should matter even to the President", Comey explained, adding that he had chosen to classify some memos but not all of them.

"Where is that commitment to character and values?" said Comey, who is no longer a Republican. "He said he thought maybe he should ask me to investigate the whole thing to prove it was a lie".

  • Tracy Klein