'Avengers: Infinity War' Stays Strong With $61 Million Third Weekend

Still, they did have a historical objective for taking away the superheroes they did in Infinity War.

And here's one for the fans, Howard The Duck survives - as confirmed by Joe Russo. This includes Jane Foster, Korg and Miek, and Shuri. It's more than likely that he survived since we didn't see him in the wreckage in Avengers: Infinity War. Counted among the departed are Bruce Banner's one-time girlfriend Betty Ross, Thor's fellow Asgardian warrior Lady Sif, and the brilliant Asgardian actor who portrayed Loki in the outdoor play seen in Thor: Ragnarok (who happens to look a whole lot like Matt Damon). And from what we know about growing a new Baby Groot, this is as good as we can feel after Infinity War's ending. Joe Russo has also said Valkyrie and other Asgardians survived by taking escape pods. The film also enjoyed a solid weekend internationally where it brought in $2.8 million from 55 markets as it passed $100 million internationally with releases in China, France and Japan still to go.

Ragnarok took the Wariors Three from him, killed by Hela, as well as his father, Odin.

In a shocking sequence of events, the Avengers are incapable of stopping Thanos who manages to collect the six Infinity Stones and basically destroy half of the world's population with a snap of his ugly purple fingers. Breaking In features Union as single mother Shaun Russell, who takes her two children (Seth Carr and Ajiona Alexus) to her family's Malibu estate after her father's death.

However, Infinity War directors share a different opinion about the situation.

But did he die in Avengers: Infinity War? As of now, a quick scan of the game's forums show a common criticism being levied against Thanos having his health reduced, as players are arguing that it defeats the goal of assuming the role of one of the Marvel universe's toughest antagonists. Anthony Russo confirmed she is "safe". Once again, McCarthy is struggling to open a movie near $20 million on her own. Anthony added, "Yeah, deep undercover".

We can't wait to hear what their conversation will sound like.

  • Tracy Klein