Breath Of The Wild Mod Finally Lets Zelda Forge Her Own Legend

Nintendo is searching for a seasoned level designer to the Legend of Zelda series for dungeon production and enemy preparation. It is a contractual position, which suggests that it may be working on a new "Zelda" game for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will nearly certainly be a Switch exclusive, as by that time it will have been out long enough to fully transition Nintendo off of the Wii U. Additionally, considering how popular Breath of the Wild made the Switch, it would make sense to limit this release to a console-specific launch.

Those with applications that piques the company's interest will have to take a practical exam, before two interviews and one last informal meeting. Their tasks will include plan proposals, adjustments, specifications, and the actual implementation among others.

New "The Legend Of Zelda" Game In The Works?

Are you ready for the next Legend of Zelda game, or are you still happily playing Breath of the Wild?

While many fans of The Legend of Zelda are disappointed that they are having to rely on mods in order to make Zelda playable, many will be hoping that this spurs Nintendo to reconsider. Considering as well that it was released as a Switch launch title, there is more time to develop a new game for the console.

Whether this work listing is connected to this "following" Zelda remains to be seen, however Aonuma did affirm that Breath of the Wild will not be getting any extra content.

In the job announcement, moreover, it is specified that the eventual assumption foresees a trial period of three months, with variable salary based on the past experience gained by the candidate.

  • Valerie Cook