Chairman NAB Says Probing Into Corruption Not Crime But Duty

"This is something on which former Prime Minister Sharif has to respond", Kumar told reporters in reply to a question on the issue.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the World Bank in a statement said, "In the past day, there have been media reports citing the World Bank's Remittances and Migration Report of 2016".

Sharif said that NAB had "lost all its credibility" following "baseless allegations" and claimed "conspiracies were being hatched to forge new cases against me and sentence me in them". "Failing to do so, the NAB should apologise to the nation and the chairman should resign", Sharif demanded.

The incumbent NAB chief made it overtly clear that neither NAB was panic nor was it afraid. He said that the body was doing its job and will continue to do so in unveiling corruption in the country. "NAB doesn't need to advertise every step it takes in its process", Iqbal said adding that others need not indulge in misunderstandings of any sort.

Talking to media in Lahore, the minister said "Aliens" have the people's mandate in their hands and they are the ones who have sent home 13 reigning prime ministers and presidents.

Reaffirming his view about not tolerating corruption anymore, Chairman NAB Iqbal said that whatever the anti-corruption bureau was doing was doing so in best in best interest of the state.

According to NAB, the World Bank's migration and remittance book released in September 2016 carried information that foreign exchange reserves of India increased by $4.9bn after receiving the huge amount sent through money laundering, inflicting losses to Pakistan's national kitty.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi speaking in the National Assembly yesterday accused the NAB of bias against Sharif and targeting him on the basis of a report which had already been rejected.

According to another report in the same newspaper, the Supreme Court has ordered the accountability court hearing the corruption references against the Sharif family to conclude its proceedings by June 9.

Pakistan's Supreme Court had disqualified Sharif a year ago, forcing the three-time prime minister to resign. If convicted, Sharif could face jail time.

  • Tracy Klein