Liquid Chocolate on Polish Highway: Spill Blocks Traffic

A truck, loaded with 12 tons of chocolate, has tipped over on a highway in Poland.

Images showed the overturned truck surrounded brown chocolate covering six lanes of the A2 motorway.

The driver broke his arm in the accident and was taken to the hospital.

Yesterday in Poland on the route between Warsaw and Poznan overturned tank with liquid chocolate, according to the with reference to the channel 112.

It's not clear why the truck hit a guardrail near the town of Slupca, sending it crashing down on its side. The ruptured tank spewed a pool of rapidly-hardening chocolate from both ends, which quickly covered the width of the road.

It caused a huge traffic jam and the clean-up was time consuming, the chocolate was reportedly more hard to remove than oil.

A firefighter attending the scene, Bogdan Kowalski, said the cooling chocolate was harder to remove than snow or oil.

After receiving advice from the chocolate manufacturers, they used hot water to try and clean up the mess.

"It will take a few hours or more", the senior brigadier shared.

  • Steve Townsend