Mormon church cutting ties with Boy Scouts

19% of the 2.3 million participants in the Boy Scouts are Mormon, and around 10% of scouting councils will be affected in a "significant way" by the departure of the LDS Church.

The Mormon Church, as it is more commonly known, said in its announcement that it has "increasingly felt the need to create and implement a uniform youth leadership and development program that serves its members globally". The church reportedly paid the same annual lump sum it paid to the BSA in 2017 to boring the impact of such a major loss of revenue, Deseret News reported.

But it comes as the church expressed reservations about the Boy Scouts' decision to allow gay and transgender troop leaders.

The LDS church has said it will "remain a fully engaged partner in Scouting" through December 31, 2019. For example, she says, people incorrectly assume that Boy Scouts provides programs and activities that Girl Scouts does not.

Conservative radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck, a member of the Mormon Church, thought the withdrawal of support from the religious group will spell the "collapse" of the Boy Scouts.

Stan Lockhart is the past president of the Utah National Parks Council.

I believe more Scouting is always better and I believe in abundance.

A spokesperson for the group said such windows would open them to legal challenges that would be hard to defend against with cold evidence and unavailable witnesses.

The Mormon church and the Boy Scouts of America will end its 105-year relationship at the end of 2019, the church announced Monday.

"While about 70 percent of chartered Boy Scout troops are sponsored by faith-based organizations, Mormon boys will still be able to join Boy Scout troops independent of their churches", The Washington Post wrote. In the meantime, the church is encouraging boys ages 8-13 to continue to participate in Scouting.

The Boy Scout movement had been entrenched in Mormon culture for as long as anyone can remember. For those LDS and non-LDS youth now registered in Church-sponsored units who wish to continue in the program, we will ensure a smooth transition into community-sponsored units in 2020.

The church plans on remaining involved and invested in the program throughout this year and the next. This has given more youth than ever, including young women, the opportunity to have meaningful experiences in the outdoors. It will also reduce the disparities that have existed in the programs for boys and girls, though it will continue to keep them separate, he said.

  • Tracy Klein