North Korea Rejoins South Korean Time Zone As Peace Offensive Continues

"For South Korea, living with a nuclear-armed North Korea is much better than living without American troops", said Shin Won-sik, a retired three-star South Korean general.

"The New York Times story is utter nonsense".

The White House hasn't said whether Trump is willing to place US troop levels on the negotiating table when he meets with Kim.

US President Donald Trump said Friday that a date and venue for his landmark summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un would be unveiled soon, as anticipation builds for the unprecedented talks between the mercurial leaders.

As for a reduction in the number of troops stationed in South Korea, Trump said that was not under negotiation - for now.

"The trip is being scheduled", Trump said.

Later speaking to reporters at the Andrews Joint Air Force base, Trump denied reports that he was planning to withdraw United States troops from S Korea.

"I think a lot of great things will happen but troops are not on the table", he said, referring to the ongoing negations with North Korea. "But if a peace treaty is signed, the US troops are bound to peter out".

Following last week's historic meeting between North and South Korean leaders, North Korea has pledged to change its time zone to match the South, the BBC reports. "We'll be announcing it soon", Trump told reporters Friday from the White House South Lawn before departing for Dallas.

The media said the move is the first practical step for national reconciliation and unity between the 2 Koreas since the inter-Korean summit late last month.

"We're doing very well with the hostages, we're in constant contact with the leadership, we're in constant contact with North Korea", the president said on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews.

Although Trump has placed considerable faith in South Korean leader Moon's efforts to patch up relations with North Korea, the US president has long complained that South Korea does not do enough to financially support the American military commitment.

  • Valerie Cook