Riders left dangling for hours as roller-coaster malfunctions at Universal Studios Japan

More than 60 thrill-seekers at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka got more than they bargained for on Tuesday (May 1) when the rollercoaster they were riding made an emergency stop, leaving them hanging in the air for up to two hours.

The ride promises to deliver an "over-the-top, thrilling experience"-a far cry from the "slowest rollercoaster" that derailed and stopped mid-ride at the Arakawa Amusement Park in Tokyo in March, which passengers hardly noticed".

One carriage of the "Flying Dinosaur" ride, located in the park's Jurassic Park-themed area, stalled close to the ground.

The stall was caused by a faulty motor control part, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK. The ride was reopened that afternoon, around 7 p.m., and while some visitors steered clear of the ride, there was still a line when operations resumed.

A spokesman for the Osaka theme park said the suspension of the roller coaster was the result of the operator's priority on safety.

The theme park was crowded on Tuesday with visitors due to Japan's Golden Week holidays from late April to Sunday. "I don't want to ride it anymore", a 42-year-old woman from the city of Hiroshima, visiting with her three children, told Kyodo News.

The white-knuckle ride launched in March 2016 and is now the world's longest flying roller coaster, boasting a top speed of 62mph.

  • Valerie Cook