Rohingya refugees tell Security Council envoys of rape, murder

"They have killed my family members, they tortured us, they will kill us again", said one of the refugees, 29-year-old Mohammed Tayab, who stood in front of a tent where he was waiting to meet the United Nations team.

The diplomats will conclude their three-day visit to Bangladesh on Monday, when they leave for Myanmar.

The refugees also presented to the security council a list of demands, which included rehabilitation of their own land and homes; stopping the construction of the IDP camps in Rakhine state which they believe will function simply as prisons for any returning Rohingya; for the Rohingya to be recognised as citizens of Myanmar; and action to be taken by the ICC.

The Rohingya fled after Myanmar's army carried out "clearance operations" which it says targeted militants.

She has been criticized by the West for failing to defend the Rohingyas, who Myanmar authorities consider to be Bengali immigrants from Bangladesh, although they have lived in the country for centuries.

As per the newspaper report, the Prime Minister said this while the visiting United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delegation, led by its President Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, met Hasina at her official residence Ganobhaban.

"Myanmar authorities can try to have [the worldwide community's] trust and value again during this visit", he said.

Bangladesh wants them to act "decisively and immediately" to end the sufferings of the Rohingyas.

The Rohingya refugees arrived at the location, holding several posters and demanding safe repatriation back to Myanmar.

The recent spasm of violence in Myanmar began when Rohingya insurgents staged a series of attacks on August 25 on about 30 security outposts and other targets. Both U.N. officials on the ground and council members in NY vacillated over how to respond to the ethnic cleansing campaign of Myanmar's military against the Rohingya Muslim minorities in mid-2017.

Members of the UN Security Council, who promised Sunday to work hard to resolve a crisis.

We will try to convince both governments - the government of Bangladesh and the government of Myanmar - to engage in constructive negotiations.

Rohingya are denied citizenship in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, where they have faced persecution for decades.

It requests United States dollars 951 million to help respond to the needs of some 1.3 million people, both Rohingya refugees and vulnerable members of the host community, until December 2018.

"We are not Bengali, we are Rohingya".

Tayab, who was using crutches, said he was shot in his right leg by Myanmar troops.

He said he lost a brother, an uncle and a nephew after Myanmar soldiers shot them dead.

"When we go back to NY we will consider, we will try to explore to speed up the implementation of the agreement ...for safe, free and voluntary and dignified return of the refugees", he said.

Pierce praised Bangladesh for their support of the Rohingya community, saying they have "saved thousands of Rohingya lives". "They should listen to us", he said.

  • Tracy Klein