Dennis Rodman Gets Emotional About Trump-Kim Summit: 'I'm So Happy'

Four-star general and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yong Chol, party vice chairman and director of its International Affairs Department Ri Su Yong and foreign minister Ri Yong Ho, were among them. But even before they met, Trump announced plans to leave early, raising questions about whether his aspirations for an ambitious outcome had been scaled back.

"We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!" he wrote.

Shanmugam is Singapore's Minister for Law and Home Affairs and he is responsible for ensuring security at the summit, the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean top leader. "It's incredible, it's unbelievable, it's fantastic, when I said those things, when I went back home, I got so many death threats, and I believed in North Korea, and I couldn't go home, I couldn't even go home, I had to hide out for 30 days, but I kept my head high, and I knew things were going to change..."

Absent a detailed historical record and corroborating witnesses, the president's interlocutor could potentially leave the meeting and misrepresent what transpired, creating a he-said-he-said showdown that could turn into a major headache for the U.S. leader.

North Korea and South Korea had already committed to signing a peace treaty to end the Korean War by year's end, but this would also require U.S. agreement. He has also raised the possibility of further summits and an agreement ending the Korea War by replacing the armistice signed in 1953 with a peace treaty.

The event at Sentosa Island in Singapore, starting around 9 a.m. Tuesday local time, was a sharp reversal from the rhetoric between Trump and Kim for much of previous year, as each mercurial figure engaged in name calling and provocative rhetoric. She also led a large North Korean art troupe sent to South Korea during the February Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Trump's early exit will be his second from a summit in just a few days.

0007 Trump is still busy tweeting about domestic issues, less than an hour before the meeting. -North Korea summit in Singapore on June 11, 2018.

Mattis added that discussions about USA troop numbers on the peninsula would be "premature" ahead of the outcome of negotiations between the two leaders Tuesday. The North has faced crippling diplomatic and economic sanctions as it has advanced development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. This has included backing away from an original demand for North Korea's swift denuclearisation. Trump smiled and patted Kim on the back, ushering him towards the conference room.

On Monday night's The Ingraham Angle, Wallace said that it's "almost surreal" to see Trump and Kim, "who just months ago were launching verbal ICBMs at each other", standing together and shaking hands. "That's what I do".

  • Tracy Klein