Netflix is testing a new 'Ultra' tier of service

Also, from the documentation posted by TuttoAndroid (via PhoneArena), it isn't clear whether Premium subscribers will lose their current access to HDR content too. That's because it removes high dynamic range support from Premium and charges more per month for HDR and Dolby Vision video under a new Ultra tier.

Netflix currently offers three different subscription plans, but now it looks like the streaming service is testing a new tier.

A spokesperson for Netflix told CNET that it is not uncommon for the company to test new pricing plans, though no specifics were offered on the purported Ultra tier.

A selection of users in Italy, Germany and other European countries are seeing the new Ultra plan. In a move that would surely cause anger, some users noted that the Premium plan's number of screens had been reduced to just two.

Not all Netflix subscribers will see the test, Saran added, and Netflix may never offer these price points permanently.

At present, the Premium tier, which is priced at £9.99 per month in the United Kingdom, allows for viewing on up to four screens at once, plus gives access to 4K HDR content - in Dolby Vision too if your TV supports it. Instead Premium lost out on HDR, which became an Ultra-only feature. The existing plans are: Basic (€7.99), Standard (€10.99) and Premium (€13.99).

For now, we will have to wait and see what Netflix does. Its website says the company may need to adjust prices to "respond to local market changes" such as taxes or inflation. The ever-expanding company, which is now led by CEO Reed Hastings, has 125 million memberships in 190 countries. The addition of the Ultra tier, if it turns out to rollout to everyone, would effectively be a price hike of around $6 for Premium users.

The news of this update comes as Sky and Virgin Media customers will soon get the option to pay for their Netflix subscription through one monthly bill.

  • Gwendolyn Kim