An Update On That Mysterious Shackled Woman Ringing Doorbells In Texas

The 32-year-old woman was found safe, the Montgomery County Sheriff Department (MCSD) told reporters on August 29.

"The preliminary cause of death is believed to be a single gunshot wound", the sheriff's office said.

New details in the case involving a woman seen in Ring doorbell video - appearing distressed and wearing restraints, were released Thursday by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

"Deputies received information a male made suicidal comments".

Earlier this week, video of a woman frantically ringing a doorbell at a home in Montgomery, Texas, went viral at the encouragement of the sheriff's office.

Deputies say a man was attempting to commit suicide.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office posted a video on Facebook of the woman seeking help in identifying her.

After the video surfaced, people flooded police with flyers of missing persons in their areas.

Neighbors tell police the woman rang several doorbells, but no one got to her before she vanished.

The resident later reviewed the footage from a private security system and immediately passed it along to authorities, who are now working to find and identify the woman, according to the Houston Chronicle. Spencer said the woman could be a victim or part of some sort of scheme.

The man, identified as 49-year-old Dennis Ray Collins, left a suicide note behind, officials said.

Though the video appeared harrowing, police said the woman has now been located and is safe.

"The female is confirmed to be safe and with family".

According to information released by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, she is reportedly 32 years old, and now "alive and well".

Authorities are continuing to investigate.

The deceased's girlfriend a 32 year old white female, who was not on scene when deputies arrived, is confirmed to be the female in the doorbell ring video.

Police have searched the area and completed door-to-door checks and interviews or homes in the neighbourhood.

  • Tracy Klein