Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen Reveal When They Fell in Love

Well, to be honest, Blake thought he'd found her - until Becca informed him she was going with Garrett Yrigoyen instead, crushing the Colorado native's heart, and making for a particularly tear-filled scene out in the Maldives. Sweat pouring down his face (apparently it gets hot in the Maldives), Blake launched into a lovely tribute to Becca as they stood together on a handsome perch overlooking the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean. "It's about who I can't picture my life without". "And when that all came out, we attacked it. we got through that together, and we're growing, we're progressing and we're moving forward". "People that are anxious care, and they care deeply", she says.

"I lived at the gym, I lived on the Stairmaster", Bibiana Julian, who also appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games spinoff earlier this year, told E! In fact, Becca said it forced them to have hard conversations and actually brought them closer together."It's a challenge that we had to overcome, and it's been a hurdle, but we have pushed through, and we have talked about it", Becca said.Though Becca may have bought Garrett's apology, fans?

Blake is the first one at the dock, which means he's not getting picked and the viewing population knows for the final hour and 20 minutes who wins, yet we still watch. He talked about how he's trying to grow from this experience, said he's reconsidering his actions, and then added the only thing that comes anywhere close to a political comment: "When I was "liking" things, it was going against what she stands for". "I want to get a Costco membership with you, and I want to have your kids. everything!" The Neil Lane Bachelorette ring also includes accented diamonds along the band, experts who spoke with MONEY raved about the craftsmanship and style of the ring. They both had absolutely no idea.

Moments later, Becca and Garrett got engaged and couldn't be happier. And, you know, he didn't mean it.

Garrett has previously been married, for all of two months, and he revealed during the show that his relationship with his ex-wife began to change as soon as they moved in together.

There's an innuendo-laced video showing one of their rendezvouses. I'm open-minded. She put in perspective other people's views how I could come off as offensive and hurt other people's feelings, and that was nothing I ever wanted to do. "It's a conversation that unfortunately won't be shown but it was really positive for all of us", Arie captioned a photo Monday night on Instagram of Lauren and himself sitting by the ocean.

On to Bachelor in Paradise.

  • Gwendolyn Kim