Cam Newton confronts Kelvin Benjamin over remarks

Maybe one of the most interesting parts of the preseason matchup between the Panthers and Bills on Thursday came before the game even started. Newton met him on the field pregame, getting into the receiver's face and following Benjamin when he tried to walk off. "It was a bad fit from the get-go". The two seemed to have quite a tense interaction where Newton followed Benjamin around before walking away.

The comments that got the attention of Newton and plenty of other people - including Buffalo Coach Sean McDermott - featured this passage: "If you would've put me with any other quarterback, let's be real, you know what I'm saying?" Benjamin was speaking with another former teammate, Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, who appeared to say with a smile, "I thought we were cool", while standing very close to the receiver.

"Just moving on from it", Benjamin kept repeating when pressed by reporters about what was said in the exchange, per Panthers insider Max Henson.

The conversation continued until Benjamin said something to Newton that had Newton gesturing that he was finished with him. He also reiterated that he was "moving on" from his comments about Newton. "I play for the Buffalo Bills".

The altercation goes on for a while. before it's clear the two can't see eye to eye and Cam bolts for the locker room.

  • Steve Townsend