WA regional MP Melissa Price set to be new federal environment minister

Morrison, who was sworn Australia's Prime Minister on 24 August, chose to roll the cyber security functions into the Department of Home Affairs instead of appoint a replacement to Angus Taylor who resigned on 23 August. That decision could have major implications for Morrison's government, which has a parliamentary majority of just one seat.

The departure of Ms Bishop, a rare female voice in the Australian government, has raised questions about whether she fell victim to party politics and a perceived glass ceiling for women in Canberra.

The latest Newspoll, published by The Australian newspaper, also showed opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten, who had long trailed Mr Turnbull, is now preferred prime minister.

It added: "Be aware that this is a ruse trying to get her ahead of Morrison so he drops out and his votes go to Dutton".

However, on Tuesday last week, after Dutton was unsuccessful in taking leadership of the Australian Liberal Party from Turnbull when the first of several internal party votes saw the prime minister retain his title as chief, Dutton resigned from Home Affairs and took a seat on the backbench while Morrison took interim responsibility of DHA.

"It has been an honour", Ms Bishop said on Twitter.

Bishop issued a statement on Sunday, saying she'll remain in Parliament.

"I have been preselected, I owe it to the Liberal Party first to inform them of my decision but I am going to take some time to consider my decision", she said.

It is understood her only request of Mr Morrison was that NSW senator Marise Payne should succeed her as Foreign Minister.

The new foreign minister's big challenge will be navigating a tricky relationship with China, Australia's top trading partner.

Morrison, who has often spoken of the strong relations between the two nations, understands the importance of foreign investment in Australia, said Holden.

Mr Morrison is expected to announce details of his new Cabinet on Monday.

  • Tracy Klein