IPhone XS has smaller battery, more RAM than iPhone X

While the company will tell you how much longer its newer phones and tablets can last over their predecessors, the iPhone maker never formally states how large of a cell sits inside its devices so the public can make its own predictions.

Outside the Sydney Apple Store, consumers waited on line since early Friday to purchase the 5.8-inch iPhone X sequel, and the 6.5-inch "Max", the largest screened iPhone yet (now imagine Apple design chief Jony Ive saying that). We know that the iPhone XS and XS Max both come with 4GB of RAM thanks to a benchmark listing last week. Meanwhile, the XS Max has a 3,174mAh cell.

According to the certification, the iPhone XS surprisingly comes with a smaller battery compared to its predecessor, the iPhone X. The new device houses a 2,658mAh capacity compared to the 2,716mAh battery inside the X. What's more surprising is that the iPhone XR comes with a bigger battery at 2,942mAh capacity.

The new A12 Bionic processor likely has something to do with this.

And for those that still want a real iPhone, Apple still sells its iPhone 8 and 7 models at more affordable prices, and they run all the latest apps, can do AR, work with Apple Watches, HomePods and more. It's all about how Apple optimizes its hardware and software to provide the best performance possible. The iPhone Xs 256GB version is available for R785 per month, and the Xs 256GB R849.

The great end-of-year, gift giving Christmas sales season has now well and truly begun for Apple, the pain for its competitors is now intensified as Apple's products are ready and available, and the iOS 12 revolution has been live streamed and is available to just about every iOS user on the planet - rock on!

More importantly, apart from comparing the iPhone's ageing charger with its competition, it's also a question of getting a complete experience when you get a luxury item like the new iPhone XS.

Update: Filings discovered by MacRumors have also revealed the iPhone XR's battery size as being 2,942mAh. Like I said before, specs really don't matter when it comes to iPhones, but it's nice to know the details anyway.

  • Kara Saunders