Kavanaugh calls certain allegations against him a ‘joke’ and a ‘farce’

Fox News Chief White House correspondent John Roberts tweeted that he received a statement from Kavanaugh who said Swetnick's allegations are "ridiculous and from the Twighlight Zone".

Ford began her testimony by describing the anxiety accompanying her appearance before the committee.

"You may defeat me in the final vote, but you'll never get me to quit, never".

Asked how she could be so sure it was Kavanaugh who attacked her, Blasey Ford responded with confidence: "The same way that I'm sure that I'm talking to you right now". Sheldon Whitehouse were all former attorneys general, and Minnesota Sen.

Graham did not hold back when chastising the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, accusing the group of creating a political ploy to deny Kavanaugh, a conservative judge, a seat on the Supreme Court.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at Joint Base Andrews from NY, in Maryland, U.S., September 27, 2018.

Confronting those biases is part of the challenge facing Ford, who will seek to come off as credible and not motivated by politics in the face of majority Republicans pressing forward with Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Kavanaugh, 53, has strenuously denied assaulting anyone and insists he is the victim of a "smear campaign".

Today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing over Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is still in progress, with the judge's testimony set for later this afternoon.

Kavanaugh was forceful in his denial of wrongdoing during his opening statement, telling the committee that his name had been "destroyed by vicious and false ... accusations".

The complainant said the writer's daughter and several friends were with Kavanaugh in 1998 when Kavanaugh assaulted a woman he was dating, who was a friend of the person's daughter. "A bunch of us went to dances with her", said Kavanaugh, adding that it did not refer to sex. "They were all shocked when Brett Kavanaugh shoved her friend up against the wall very aggressively and sexually".

When asked if, during the Starr investigation, he dated a woman who "would fairly fit the description in the letter", Kavanaugh asked, "What's the description?"

There was also some confusion surrounding a polygraph test Ford had taken previously, which had determined she was being truthful in her statements.

Ford said she suffered PTSD-type symptoms and struggled academically in the years after the incident. It chilled me to read what her father, Ralph Blasey, wrung from himself to offer the Washington Post, in the conditional tense: "I think all of the Blasey family would support her".

"I know if I watch, I will be frozen in the memories of my own rape and immobilized, rendering myself ineffective and vulnerable". Republicans have also refused to subpoena Mark Judge, who Ford says was with Kavanaugh when the alleged assault took place.

Ford went on to say that "Brett's assault on me drastically altered my life" but "I convinced myself that because Brett did not rape me, I should be able to move on and just pretend that it had never happened".

  • Gwendolyn Kim