Rubio to InfoWars' Alex Jones: 'Don't touch me'

It's official: Twitter has permanently banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website Infowars.

"The ban appears to be related to a heated exchange between Jones and a CNN reporter Wednesday, which Jones live streamed on the Twitter-owned video service Periscope", CNBC reported.

Despite that pressure, Twitter insisted that Jones and his website had not violated their terms.

Twitter had previously resisted calls to ban Alex Jones, though it prevented him from posting on his account for a week last month.

A post on the Twitter Safety account said the company took the action as a response to content posted yesterday after the much publicized senate hearing involving Facebook and Twitter.

The video in question shows Jones shouting at and berating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy for some 10 minutes during congressional hearings about social media. In a tweet, it said it would continue to monitor reports about other accounts potentially associated with Jones or Infowars, and will "take action" if it finds any attempts to circumvent the ban.

The Republican senator was talking to reporters on Wednesday in a Senate hallway about social media companies' role in elections and the spreading and blocking of misinformation, while a man spoke over him and reporters. Some of the parents of the victims have sued Jones for mental and emotional distress.

Jones then asked Rubio if he planned on having him arrested if he dared to touch him again.

Darcy claimed that none of those statements by Jones were true.

At one point, he said Darcy was "smiling like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow". Of course, this also comes after Jones crashed Dorsey's visit to Congress, accusing him and other tech leaders of being biased against conservatives.

Twitter faced a lot of pressure from users to take action against Jones before the company issued that one-week suspension. Thus far, efforts to hold Jones accountable to the community guidelines of sites he leveraged have resulted in a almost 50 per cent loss of viewership to Infowars.

While running for president in 2015, Donald Trump told Jones his reputation was 'amazing'.

  • Gwendolyn Kim