Third Woman Accuses US Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct

"For Republicans to schedule a Friday vote on Brett Kavanaugh today, two days before Dr. Blasey Ford has had a chance to tell her story, is outrageous", said Sen. He declined to provide the attorney's name.

Senate Republicans are bringing in a veteran Arizona prosecutor to handle questioning about the allegations.

Judge Kavanaugh will be testifying Thursday on Blasey Ford's allegations that he groped her and pinned her down while he was drunk at a party in high school. Trump bemoaned that men can be derailed by and presumed guilty when such allegations surface, saying he sympathized with the jurist because he's also faced similar accusations. A major slip-up could endanger Kavanaugh's confirmation and create political pain for the GOP in the midterm elections.

Ford claims that in 1982, when the two were in high school, a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her down at a party and tried to rape her. Ford claims the assault ended with Kavanaugh's friend jumping on the two, allowing her to escape to a bathrooom.

Ford's story does not include the sort of graphic details a liar might be expected to invent - removal of her clothing, say.

Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say they are determined to get Kavanaugh on the court, calling the allegations against him false and politically motivated. If Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, will he ever lose the taint of these allegations?

Cornyn indicated that he wants the Senate vetting process to move forward as quickly as possible, saying that he believes, "the longer this nomination strings out there, the more you're going to get reckless accusations that have no basis in fact".

President Donald Trump held a rare solo press conference on Wednesday afternoon, and it went about as you'd expect.

"What am I supposed to do, go ahead and ruin this guy's life based on an accusation?" John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republican. A split-second facial expression, a tear or a choice of words by either witness could prove decisive. Bob Corker said to reporters on Tuesday: "I'm going to look at this openly minded on Thursday, but again, I go into it with positive feelings (toward Kavanaugh)". I'm a very famous person, unfortunately.

As he closed out his week at the U.N. General Assembly, Trump also disputed the fact that when, he was addressing world leaders and top diplomats Tuesday, he had drawn laughter when he boasted that he's accomplished more during his time in office than nearly any previous administration.

Ashley Kavanaugh was asked whether she wondered if her husband was telling the truth about the allegations against him. I've known him for 17 years", she said, adding: "I know his heart.

Meanwhile, the Republicans were still assessing what Mr Kavanaugh's interview on Monday on the Fox News Channel - an unusual appearance for a Supreme Court nominee - indicates about how he would do in Thursday's hearing.

Trump said Democrats have orchestrated the melee over Kavanaugh - and are happy about the chaos.

Trump then said Kavanaugh is now facing a "guilty until proven innocent" situation, which he said is "a very, very unsafe standard".

"Women are paying attention".

Schumer reiterated his call for an FBI background investigation of Ford's allegations. "I don't know who this is and this never happened", Kavanaugh said in a statement issued through the White House.

After the interview aired, the sense in the West Wing was relief that Kavanaugh was able to present an image to counter the allegations.

  • Tracy Klein