Kavanaugh confirmation: Call for more FBI investigations just a delaying tactic

Brett Kavanaugh's alma mater - has joined the American Bar Association in asking the Senate Judiciary Committee to suspend its consideration of Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court until an FBI investigation is completed into multiple sexual assault allegations.

10 to approve Mr Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court but the full Senate vote will be delayed while the FBI investigate allegations of sexual assault against him.

McConnell urged Trump to support Kavanaugh but to avoid attacking his accusers, warning that he was in charge of counting votes and those kinds of disparaging remarks could cause him to lose Republican senators whose votes could be key to confirming Kavanaugh, including Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, they said.

President Donald Trump ordered the FBI to reopen Mr Kavanaugh's background investigation on Friday. The Senate Judiciary Committee has said the probe should be limited to "current credible allegations" against Kavanaugh and be finished by next Friday. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said they wouldn't vote in favor of the judge's confirmation without one. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) on September 24 claiming to possess new allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

The first of Kavanaugh's accusers, Dr. Christine Ford, provided a list of witnesses to corroborate her claim.

Keyser, along with every other person named by Ford as having been at a party where she alleges Kavanaugh attempted to rape her, says that they don't recall the party.

Kavanaugh on Friday continued to defend himself and said he will be cooperating with FBI investigators.

Trump, under pressure from members of his own party, has directed the FBI to renew an investigation into Kavanaugh's background.

He said that the Democrats have used the tactic of coordination, delaying Kavanaugh's confirmation to the high court.

A senior administration official told the Times that Don McGahn was leading the White House effort to help direct the scope of the background check. Swetnick is one of the women who has publicly accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

In his testimony Thursday, Kavanaugh claimed that Keyser's earlier statements had "refuted" Blasey's accusations.

Conway and press secretary Sarah Sanders, who appeared on Fox News Sunday, both insisted the White House was not micro-managing the investigation.

Judge said in a statement that he categorically denies Swetnick's allegations. "Ridiculous", Kavanaugh told investigators, according to a transcript released by the committee.

"Let's actually investigate", he said.

Graham was referring to an allegation from another woman, Julie Swetnick, who has come forward with allegations against Kavanaugh and Judge, saying they were present at the party in the early 1980s where she says she was gang-raped.

An attorney for Leland Keyser, who Ford says was at the party, was also willing to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but Keyser's attorney has said her client has no recollection of the party where the assault is said to have happened. Also, all the people Ford claims were at the event deny any knowledge of it. "When and if we do, we will promptly disclose to them all information and witnesses in our possession", Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for Swetnick, said on Saturday on Twitter.

  • Tracy Klein