Megyn Kelly's future at NBC in doubt after 'black face' comment

The journalist, who got her start as an attorney, said that when she was "a little girl", born in IL and then raised in upstate NY, "I hated the non-traditional spelling because I wanted the monogrammed mugs, plaques, and other things with the name on them - always spelled 'Megan.' Now I like the unusual spelling, and some of our viewers tell me they've actually adopted it for their own little 'Megyns'".

"NBC Nightly News" dedicated an entire two-minute segment on Kelly's gaffe, which even invoked old embarrassing remarks she made about Santa Claus being "white" from her days at Fox News.

Kelly apologized for the comment in a letter to NBC staff, and later made an on-air apology on Wednesday at the start of her program.

Just one day later, Kelly reversed course.

"It's been educational", Kelly told viewers at the end of the first week.

Creative Arts Agency, Kelly's agent, has reportedly dropped her as a client as well and she's said to have hired an attorney, which could signal a looming fight about her contract, which is estimated at $23 million per year.

According to the New York Post, Freedman has requested that journalist Ronan Farrow - who has claimed that NBC did not want to run his Harvey Weinstein expose that won him a Pulitzer at the New Yorker- be in the room during the meeting, which will likely center on Kelly's views that NBC has been hypocritical. "She dressed as Diana Ross".

Her ratings were poor and she was disliked in-house for various reasons - her leapfrogging homegrown talent to get her own show, her Fox pedigree, her #MeToo comments about NBC veteran Matt Lauer. Al Roker said "she owes a big apology to people of color across the country". "The "Today Show" seems like a foregone conclusion, but there could be some other avenue where they could have a path forward", he said.

"It seems to me that maybe she has a target on her for some of those things that she said, which is kind of fascinating because NBC, as we know, talks to us constantly about the inequality of the sexes and how [bad] those conservatives are", Stu said. "There is no place on our air or in this workplace for them". "You may have heard that yesterday we had a conversation about political correctness and Halloween costumes. And I'm guessing all of Megyn Kelly's friends are white!"

The host came under fire on Tuesday after suggesting that it was acceptable to wear blackface as long as it was part of a Halloween costume.

Before Page Six learned Kelly's fate, an insider added that there were "lots of balls still in the air". "I believe this is a time for more understanding, more love, more sensitivity and honor".

  • Gwendolyn Kim