Utah track athlete identified as victim in shooting

It is with tremendous sadness that I share the news that Lauren McCluskey, an accomplished student athlete who came to the University of Utah from Pullman, Washington, was killed Monday night on our campus.

Flags were flown at half-staff at the university, and a fund has been set up to help with scholarships for track and field athletes. They each donned a black wristband with the initials "L.M." in a heart.

The suspect and the student had "a previous relationship", he said.

University President Ruth Watkins said classes were cancelled Tuesday and a vigil would be held Wednesday night. He lied to her about his name, his age, and his criminal history.

The family says Lauren was an outstanding student with a 3.75 GPA and a standout on the school track team.

The many U athletes in attendance at the vigil, including McCluskey's teammates, wore shirts that read, "Leave a legacy".

"This isn't right", Harlan said. When one broke down and could not continue, another would step in. They also said their daughter loved to sing. A few minutes later, a woman picked up the Lauren's phone and told her parents that her belongings were on the ground. According to Brophy, Rowland had disappeared from the Fortitude Treatment Center, a halfway house in Salt Lake City.

McCluskey reported instances of harassment to University of Utah police, but questions have been raised about whether that information was passed on to parole agents who had oversight of Rowland. When her daughter learned about his criminal history, she ended the relationship on October 9, Jill McCluskey said.

Prison Cell

Rowland was seen fleeing around the time of the shooting, authorities said. She says her daughter complained to police that she was being harassed.

Police told the Salt Lake Tribune that Jill McCluskey was on the phone with her daughter Monday night when she heard her scream.

Matt and Jill McCluskey, parents of Lauren McCluskey attend a vigil for their daughter on October 24, 2018 in Salt Lake City.

The young woman was talking to her family on the phone as she returned from class.

. Police didn't provide circumstances of his death. The lockdown was lifted at 11:40 p.m. because the suspect was no longer a threat.

A sex offender who killed a University of Utah student he briefly dated once said at a parole hearing that he was a womanizer who manipulated women to get what he wanted. Witnesses say he fled the scene on foot. Church on 239 E. 600 S. When police arrived at the building, they hear a commotion and a gunshot in the upstairs of the church.

The suspected shooter, Melvin Rowland, was found dead after an overnight manhunt led police to him at a location off campus. It's been a heartbreaking time in both Salt Lake City and Pullman, Washington, where Lauren grew up.

In the early stages of the investigation, they didn't have enough information to pass on to any other law enforcement, Brophy said, adding that there were no indications from McCluskey that Rowland was threatening physical violence. He later killed himself when police tracked him down.

The vigil was the first time numerous students and faculty who knew Lauren McCluskey best spoke publicly since her death.

  • Tracy Klein