Woman seen in video abandoning toddler on doorstep of Texas home

Authorities say the mother's friend dropped off the child later that evening at the wrong home and didn't stay to make sure anyone was home. Spencer says the friend left the boy on the front step Wednesday night without waiting for anyone to open the door.

The child was abandoned at the door with two bags. The man lived nearby and was located early Thursday when unsuspecting reporters approached him for an interview and asked him about the mystery boy in the grainy footage. When she reaches the front entrance, the woman puts the child down, repeatedly rings the door bell and knocks several times.

The woman is then seen driving off in a vehicle as the child continued to watch her leave. The incident lasted less than 30 seconds. Suspect also has multiple tattoos on her right arm that can be seen in the video. At that time, the father was shown the video and immediately identified the child as his son.

Deputies said the boy appears to be uninjured and in good health.

The homeowner heard a knock at her door and when she answered it, she found a 2-year-old boy standing at the door with no adult.

When the boy was not dropped off, the father assumed plans had changed and left the home for the night.

Authorities know the woman's identity but will not release her name. Authorities say it will be up to CPS on if the child will be returned to his parents.

Officers were told the father understood the boy was going to be dropped off at his home by a friend of the boy's mother.

The incident happened in Spring, a suburb of Houston, Texas. Child Protective Services responded to the scene and took custody of the child and are assisting in identifying the child's family.

The woman in the video said that it was a mistake, Fox reported.

The boy remains in the custody of the state as the investigation continues. Child abandonment is a third-degree felony.

  • Tracy Klein