California shooting: Ian David Long identified as gunman who killed 12

Breaking news update: Thirteen people have been pronounced dead, including a police officer and the gunman, after a shooting took place at a country bar in Southern California on Wednesday.

Police tell the Los Angeles Times that at least 30 shots were fired.

It was the second mass shooting in America in less than two weeks.

After a lull of about 15 minutes, more officers went inside and found the suspected gunman dead of a gunshot wound.

Cole Knapp, a freshman at Moorpark College, said he was inside the bar when the shooting began, but he thought at first that it was "just someone with an M-80, just kind of playing a prank". A mental health crisis team determined at that time that he should not be taken into custody, the AP reported.

Thousand Oaks mayor Andy Fox told CNN that police "went in and neutralized the shooter (and) they identified a number of causalities". He died at the hospital.

Who are the other victims?

Survivors described moments of panic and heroism. The gunman died inside the bar, police said.

"I saw the shots go off, although I didn't really see the guy", she said.

Victims were forced to hide in bathrooms and attic crawlspaces as the shooting unfolded, while armed cops descended on the scene.

Erika Sigman, 19, was another witness.

They have not yet confirmed any motive behind the attack. "There is a lot of bad in this world, but there is also a lot of good and people will help", she said.

The family man referred to his son as "my boy" in dozens of posts and spoke of how proud he was of Jordan.

"Sadly, we have learned from the family that a recent graduate, Justin Meek, 23, is one of the precious lives cut short in this tragedy". Jason Coffman told reporters Thursday that his oldest son, Cody Coffman, was killed.

Dean said his department had several previous contacts with Long, a former US Marine, including a call to his home in April, when deputies found him acting irate and irrationally.

Hundreds of people were attending a college night at the Borderline Bar & Grill - about 65 kilometres northwest of Los Angeles - when the gunman opened fire Wednesday night.

Sheriff's deputy speaks to a potential witness as they stand near the scene, November 8, 2018, in Thousand Oaks, Calif. where a gunman opened fire Wednesday inside a country dance bar crowded with hundreds of people.

"He went in there to save lives".

The husband and father-of-one had been a policeman for 29 years and was due to retire next year.

Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus and a passing highway patrolman were responding to several 911 calls when they arrived at the Borderline at about 11:20 p.m., the sheriff said.

Twelve people, including Helus, were shot and killed in the incident, and numerous others were wounded.

Others reported fewer shots, and he might have tossed smoke bombs. The bar is near the campus.

  • Tracy Klein