Denver Broncos trade WR Demaryius Thomas to Houston Texans

The trade to the Texans means the Broncos will face Thomas this Sunday when Houston visits Denver.

He has 36 catches for 402 yards and three touchdowns in eight games this season. But his hefty salary-cap figure for 2019 ($17.533 million in what is the a year ago of his deal) and the emergence of rookie Courtland Sutton as a big-play threat had raised the possibility of Thomas being shipped elsewhere.

One of the primary reasons that Denver was willing to trade Thomas, who has been with the organization since being drafted in 2010, is because it opens the door for more playing time for Courtland Sutton.

CBS4)- Demaryius Thomas' time as Broncos has come to an end.

Below are grades for both the Texans and the Broncos in the Thomas trade. In that scenario, the Broncos would have been sending draft picks away for one more cog to make a playoff push.

The welcoming the Broncos and their fans give Thomas at Mile High Stadium after seven-plus years of service should be a sight to see for National Football League fans of all stripes.

Thomas, of course, was on the hook for $8.5 million this season ($4.5 million of which will be picked up by the Texans), and has a non-guaranteed $14 million base salary for the 2019 season. Sure enough, the Broncos announced on Monday that the perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver is being sent to Houston to play for the Texans. That can't be great for team morale, and for what it's worth, the betting line on the game has moved from Broncos -2.5 to a pick 'em.

According to, the Broncos are -1 favorites, with Vegas basically saying the game is a coin flip as who will win, though the favorite designation went to Denver with them being the home team.

  • Steve Townsend