Department of Commerce speaks on E. coli linked to romaine lettuce

The CDC is recommending that consumers throw out any romaine lettuce in their homes, and avoid eating romaine at restaurants.

No deaths have been reported so far but 32 cases of food poisoning were reported across 11 states in the U.S., with 13 people hospitalised and one patient developing a form of kidney failure.

While most romaine sold this time of year is grown in California, investigators say tracing the source of the contamination can be hard because the produce is often repackaged by middlemen.

Jennie-O is recalling more than 91,000 pounds of raw turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak.

Thirty-two cases in 11 states of E. coli have been reported in the country and are believed to be linked to romaine lettuce.

Lettuce with no worries over E. coli means one day before Thanksgiving - her business is slammed.

He suspects the US has gone a step further than Canada in part because USA authorities reported 32 cases of E. coli, 13 of which involved a person who was hospitalized. One person in California has died, and 63 people have been hospitalized.

"Investigation started immediately into acquiring further detail on the case", said Beadle.

The O157 strain, which is commonly found in ground meat, is considered more likely to cause severe illnesses than other forms of E. coli.

"This tells us that the same strain of E. coli is causing illness in Canada and the USA as was seen in 2017 and it suggests there may be a reoccurring source of contamination", says the health agency. Typical symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

PHILIPSBURG-The Inspectorate of Public Health in St. Maarten has "taken note" of the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) food safety alert urging consumers to not consume any type of romaine lettuce and is "gathering more information" on the matter. The illnesses began from October 8, to October 31.

They say in Canada, exposure to romaine lettuce has been identified as a source of the outbreak, but the cause of contamination has not been identified.

FDA and states are working to trace back romaine lettuce that ill people ate in the current outbreak.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the major romaine lettuce issue that's been freaking everyone out - but don't be so fast to blame the lettuce!

  • David Armstrong