Driver fights woman. Bus plunges into river. 15 die

Moments later the bus veered across oncoming traffic and off the bridge and into the Yangtze River.

The driver then suddenly yanks the wheel hard to the left and the bus veers onto incoming traffic, striking a vehicle before breaking through the rails of the bridge crossing the Yangtze River, in the southwest city of Chongqing.

The surveillance recording showed that at 10.03am, five minutes before the accident, the woman stood up from her seat, walked up to driver and began cursing him. Approximately 15 people were on board, cops said.

The bus plunged 50 metres off the bridge into the Yangtze, China's longest river, in Chongqing city on Sunday.

Police released footage from a camera on the bus showing a passenger screaming at the driver and hitting him with her mobile phone.

The Wanzhou police statement said the behaviour of both the driver and the passenger seriously endangered public safety and violated the law. The bodies of 13 people were recovered; two remain missing.

The former video shows the driver and a woman in the middle of a heavy verbal and physical altercation.

"The 42-year-old driver, surnamed Ran, told passengers to get off at an earlier stop". The driver said there were no designated bus stops nearby.

A crane salvages the wreckage of a bus after it plunged off a bridge into the Yangtze River in China's southwestern Chongqing early on November 1, 2018.

The driver of the auto that was hit by the bus before it went off the bridge was said to have sustained some injuries but is OK.

The driver, whose left hand was on the steering wheel all the time, used his right hand to turn the bus, taking the vehicle, at a speed of 51kph, into the opposite lane.

  • Tracy Klein