Largest 'Knickers' in Australia Eats 30Kg of Grass Each Day

Towering over the rest of the herd at a farm in Western Australia, Knickers the Holstein Friesian is unofficially Australia's biggest steer.

An Australian steer has been saved from slaughter because it is too big to be processed in a normal abattoir.

Pearson later told the BBC that Knickers got his name as a result of his friendship with another cow named "Bra". "We never thought he would turn into a big knickers".

A staggering steer in Australia has the internet - and the colossal cattle's owner - saying, "Holy cow".

Just how big is too big?

According to Pearson, he "wouldn't be able to put it through a processing facility, so I think it will just live happily ever after".

"Knickers, is believed to be the tallest in the country and weighs about 1.4 tons local media reported

"We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind", said Pearson.

Too bulky for the slaughterhouse, Knickers, 7, towers over the other animals on his farm standing at almost 6 feet, 4 inches and weighing over 3,000 pounds.

Mr Pearson - who owns about 20,000 cattle - reckons Knickers has a few years left.

While Knickers is undoubtedly larger than your average steer - a neutered male - the video images are somewhat misleading. He told the Guardian, "We don't know that ourselves".

Per the Guinness World Records, the tallest living steer is Bellino, an Italian Chianina ox who stands at 6 feet, 7 inches. If he wants to go for a walk, they follow, if he wants to sit down, they wait around for him to get up.

  • Kara Saunders