Quinnipiac poll shows Gillum, Nelson leading by 7 on eve of election

President Donald Trump is holding his second campaign rally of the day in Florida on Saturday night.

At a rally for Gillum, Obama decried as a "political stunt" Trump's plan to send thousands of US soldiers to the Mexican border to block migrants from entering the country.

A small crowd of supporters chanted, "We want Ron!"

Trump will head to Montana and Florida today and Georgia and Tennessee on Sunday. Obama will return to the trail on Sunday, headlining rallies for Donnelly in Gary, Indiana, and in his hometown of Chicago for J.B. Pritzker, who is running for IL governor.

Democrat Andrew Gillum is leading DeSantis while Scott is tied with Democratic Sen.

Democrats are targeting four Republican House incumbents, with Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten looking to unseat GOP Reps.

"When words stop meaning anything, when truth doesn't matter, when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work", Obama said.

With just three days to go before the midterm elections, it's a tale of dueling presidents on the campaign trail. Friday's national economic numbers show America added 250,000 new jobs in September, a lowering jobless rate and increased job wages. More people entered the labor force and wages made their biggest gains since 2009.

He also blasted the president - whom he did not mention by name- for ginning up what he called a phony crisis involving the caravan of several thousand Central American asylum seekers roughly 1,000 miles south of the USA border. They echoed Trump's message, electing Republicans next Tuesday keeps Florida and the country's economy on the right track.

The final weeks of the campaign have also seen a spate of violence including the massacre of 11 people at a Pennsylvania synagogue and more than a dozen package bombs sent to prominent Trump critics.

"Black progressive candidates are betting that Trump's high disapproval rating among black voters coupled with the chance to make history will be sufficient motivation to increase turnout", wrote Theodore Johnson of the Brennan Center for Justice. Swing Left, which is leading the effort, and has raised more than $9 million for candidates in 84 swing districts this cycle, says its volunteers called and knocked on the doors of almost 500,000 voters just last week.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara) President Donald Trump, Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis (R), and his wife at a Make America Great Again rally in Fort Myers, Fla., on October 31, 2018.

His evidence: Davids held an apolitical fellowship at the Department of Transportation granted under Obama and which extended into the Trump administration.

In Missouri, Democratic Sen.

'I know Trump coming so often is making an impact, ' said Jim Hoyt, chairman of the Morgan County Democratic Party in northeast West Virginia.

While 6 percent of Florida likely voters remain undecided in this race, only 1 percent of voters who name a candidate say they might change their mind by tomorrow.

The Trump-friendly rhetoric raised eyebrows among Republicans given that McCaskill voted against a Trump-backed immigration bill in February and has criticized his immigration policies.

Obama also compared his presidency to those of George W. Bush and Trump.

  • Tracy Klein