YouTube Introduces Free, Ad-Supported Movie Streams

You can see the selection of movies and television shows that YouTube has available in their dedicated section right here.

Additionally, YouTube has embarked on longer originals as part of its YouTube Premium offering, which offers an ad-free way to watch, and gains access to exclusive content.

All told, YouTube is making around 100 movies free to view.

It looks as though the available movie selection is only on offer in the USA at the time of writing, though it might expand to other regions given time. But suffice to say you can now watch the first five Rocky movies, Legally Blonde, and The Terminator on the site while suffering through a mere handful of commercials. Rohit Dhawan, YouTube's director of product management, wouldn't reveal the deal he's struck with studios like MGM to offer their movies for free to audiences, but he said the limited selection will be expanding in the future and that advertisers may eventually be able to pay to sponsor a particular movie. The company began doing this last month in their "Movies & Shows" section where they previously sold streaming entertainment, AdAge reported last week. TUBI TV, which was named the "largest free ad-supported streaming network" by Forbes in January, has had 20 million installs since its founding in 2014.

'It also presents a nice opportunity for advertisers'.

However, starting in October this year, the online streaming service quietly launched a channel allowing free streaming ─ supported by ads ─ of a limited number of films.

  • Gwendolyn Kim