Marvel Reveals Official 'Captain Marvel' Poster! | Brie Larson, Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios has released a poster for Captain Marvel ahead of the new trailer set to air tomorrow.

After seemingly months of expectations and false dawns, it's widely being predicted that we'll also get to see the first Avengers 4 trailer - or at least some sort of teaser that will confirm its title.

With these three big releases this week, surely it's possible the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer could arrive too?

A reliable unnamed source has revealed to Screen Geek that the "first Avengers 4 trailer is now scheduled for release on Monday Night and that a new Captain Marvel trailer is likely coming Wednesday morning on Good Morning America".

In the meantime, if you can't wait, gear up with the first incredible trailer. Slowly the release date was rumored to be in this week itself. Kudos to Marvel for not going with a bunch of floating heads on this one, despite having a cast sprawling enough to pull that off. Respect.

Marvel Studios released a new look at the heroine of the forthcoming instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Sunday, ahead of a second trailer due to drop on December 3. The upcoming Captain Marvel film will explain in detail the relationship between Fury and Captain Marvel, and why he held on to that pager for so many years without using it.

The 15-second clip above reshuffles footage from the previous trailer, so there's nothing juicy in it other than the confirmation that the video will be released at halftime.

CAPTAIN MARVEL soars into theaters March 8th, 2019.

As per the insider, Avengers 4 trailer is most likely to premiere on Monday Night Football, given the fact that Disney owns ESPN.

It seems a little unusual to me to drop these things in such quick succession, but who knows?

  • Gwendolyn Kim