Penny Marshall Dies at 75

Penny Marshall, the actress and director-famed for her role in "Laverne & Shirley"-died at age 75, according to reports".

Marshall began her career as an actress, most famously co-starring in TV shows like The Odd Couple, Happy Days, and Laverne & Shirley, the classic sitcom that made her a household name. Director, producer and actress who had the humour, wit and fortitude to stand equally with the boys in Hollywood.

She is survived by her sister Ronny, daughter Tracy Reiner and three grandchildren, Spencer, Bella and Viva.

Larry King paid tribute to Marshall in a statement on Twitter. She was born with a great gift.

"What she had was an instinct for knowing what would please moviegoers, large crowds of people", Basinger said.

Barbara Eden, the star of '60s sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie", expressed her condolences on the platform. "I was lucky to have known & worked with her". It was special. Madonna was perfectly placed as the naughty Mae, Rosie O'Donnell as her smack-talking bestie.

But most likely, nothing will stick like A League Of Their Own. "Simply heartbroken", she wrote at the end of the post.

Acclaimed director Ron Howard said Marshall, "made the transition from sitcom star to A List movie director easily & had a major impact on both mediums", in a statement on Twitter. "Love you. Hanx", he wrote.

Penny Marshal left,l and Cindy Williams from the comedy series “Laverne & Shirley” appear at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Marshall died of complications from diabetes on Monday Dec. 17 2018 at her Holl

The success of Big made Marshall the first woman to direct a film that made more than $100m at the USA box office.

She worked with Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro and Tom Hanks, that is incredible.

Her next film made Marshall the first woman to direct a film that grossed more than US$100 million.

Robert De Niro also mourned the loss of Marshall, writing in a statement, "Penny will be missed".

Marshall dealt with a number of health scares during the last decade of her life.

"I'm terribly sad to hear the news about Penny passing". Love to her family, friends & our town. Penny brought so much joy to so many and will be sorely missed.

"I can't act that well, but I can sell a bit", she told The New Yorker in 2012 when promoting her memoir My Mother Was Nuts. "League of Their Own" was a powerhouse for women 20-years-ago'. A spinoff of "Happy Days", the series was the rare network hit about working-class characters, and its self-empowering opening song ("Give us any chance, we'll take it/ Read us any rule, we'll break it") foreshadowed Marshall's own path as a pioneering female filmmaker in the male-dominated movie business.

  • Gwendolyn Kim