Take to the skies in Fortnite Season 7!

Now, a popular weapon from the mobile title has a made a return in the spotlight thanks to the appearance of the Infinity Blade sword in Season 7 of Fortnite.

Following the "reactive skin" trend which sees a player's outfit shift depending on kills or other in-game factors, Reddit user 'ProKira' created an awesome "Chameleon" skin that would change relative to the map. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the new season, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 7 guide wiki.

The submarine location in Fortnite is, of course, in the new Iceberg biome that's arrive in Season 7.

That's because Epic Games just crushed Risky Reels and replaced it with The Block.

New Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet and Expedition outposts will offer unique and interesting places to drop, as well as providing access to Stormwing planes, which extend combat to the skies.

We've included a screenshot of the map above, followed by where you'll want to land and dance to successfully complete stage one of this challenge.

The new Ziplines have been added all over the map nearly wherever there are mountains. But with Creative Mode, you'll now have unlimited time to play around and you can save your creations for later.

Give your weapons and vehicles a new look with Wraps.

The game was so much different back then.

It's hard to say how all these new changes will affect the game and how players will take to the game-changing new ways to travel.

  • Gwendolyn Kim