These 5 Android apps were just named 'hidden gems' by Google

In addition, Apple's App Store editors also announced their own picks for the best apps of the year.

TRAI had threatened to ban iPhones if Apple didn't accept the app before January.

India's telecom watchdog and the the U.S. phonemaker have been at loggerheads for almost two years over the so-called privacy details sought by the country's regulator while flagging spam calls. But it has confirmed that it will cooperate on a version of the app which is not going to be share user's call or message logs with Indian authorities.

After selecting spam calls and messages, the DND app will auto-generate complaint texts to the operator for processing the number.

The TRAI DND app is already available on Google Play store.

The India Today report specifically noted that the app is only available to those using iOS 12.1, which is now running on 63% of iPhones going back to 2014. Apple has since taken the Heart Rate app down from its App Store.

'The activity was first documented in seven Cheetah apps and one from Kika Tech by Kochava, an app analytics and attribution company that shared its research with BuzzFeed News, ' reported BuzzFeed.

Back in 2017, Apple removed several popular virtual private network (VPN) apps from the Chinese App Store, which are a popular way of circumventing the country's 'Great Firewall'. Froggipedia, an ARKit education-focused app was the best iPad app of the year. "Innovative apps like Fabulous, Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace expanded the practice of wellness around the world to make self-care more accessible than ever before", Apple said in a statement.

You can find a link to the free DND app below. Fortnite, Helix Jump and Rise Up were the top games of the year on the App Store, followed closely by PUBG Mobile, which won the best game of the year on Android.

But if you missed any of the above, now's the time to jump in - before we get a whole new slew in 2019. According to some reports, an average person in India receives up to ten unwanted calls and messages in a day. Are you concerned because the contents of the text messages are also sent to TRAI DND when you report the text?

  • Kara Saunders