Mueller's Trump-Russia probe close to completion

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on Monday confirmed that he had been fully briefed on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and it was his understanding that the probe was "close to being completed". In opinion pieces and interviews, Whitaker had argued the probe should be limited in scope, at one point arguing its budget should be cut "so low that his investigation grinds to nearly a halt". "Right now, the investigation is close to being completed".

While there had been reports in the past that Mueller could be finishing up-with a report possibly coming as soon as February-this was the first time anyone with actual knowledge of the investigation had gone on record with a status update like this.

"We have been hearing from one yokel after another, and we even heard from (former Trump attorney) Ty Cobb back, I think, in 1873 that the Mueller investigation was going to be done, and they keep saying it's going to be over", Scarborough said.

Trump has slammed the Russian Federation investigation as a "witch hunt" and says there was no collusion. The investigation is looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and ties to Trump's campaign.

"We prefer that as much of the report as possible is public", Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News. Stone was charged with false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering.

Trump has repeatedly denounced the investigation as a "political witch hunt" and fervently denied there was any collusion between his campaign and Moscow.

Special counsel Robert Mueller, foreground, arrives at the U.S. Capitol for closed meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 21, Washington, D.C.

On Friday, Mueller indicted Stone, a longtime Trump confidant, on seven charges, most of which were related to Stone's testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in 2017.

In his responses, Barr stressed he would not interfere with Mueller's investigation and that his previous memorandum critical of Mueller's authority did not necessarily reflect his current views.

Barr, who served previously as attorney general in President George H.W. Bush's administration, appeared headed for confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate.

  • Tracy Klein