The Samsung Galaxy A7 Can Now Be Yours For Just RM1099

Unlike fingerprint scanners in other phones that use light to scan skin surface (like in the OnePlus 6T), the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10 will allegedly use ultrasonic waves. This is why, following our roundup of the best phones to expect this year, we touched our crystal ball to tell us which will be the best new features and technologies that those handsets will attack our poor wallets with. Buy an impressive phone like the Galaxy S9 right now, or wait for the Galaxy S10 in March. Both phones had big curved screens with small bezels, a sleek design, powerful cameras, and while they were great, not much changed compared to the Galaxy S8. What you can not see on the back panel, however, is the fingerprint scanner that is a common feature on even budget smartphones these days. Accessory makers have already created screen protectors for the phones, which have been featured in several leaks so far. You do get a free thermos mug and a mini tripod for free as well! That means it's the Galaxy S10+, which is expected to have a dual-lens front camera.

It is suspected that Samsung employees leaked the yet-to-be launched product.

From the image, we can see that the top and bottom chin, as well as the overall bezels of the smartphone, is rather thin compared to the now available Samsung Galaxy S9 series.

Aside from the 10th edition of its flagship Galaxy S series, Samsung is busy working on bringing the Galaxy M series and the 2019 edition of the A-series. They include an in-display fingerprint sensor, albeit one unlike pre-existing examples such as that found in the OnePlus 6T.

A report by Reuters also indicated that the phones would cost between about $140 to $280, and will have large batteries and quick charging.

  • Kara Saunders