Cory Booker Announces He's Running for President

Could Senator Cory Booker be the first ever vegan president? Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) announced he is running for president. Booker is expected to head to Iowa Feb. 8 and 9, to SC on Feb. 10 and 11, and then to New Hampshire over President's Day weekend. "What is your objection to Kamala Harris running, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, these others who have already announced, Tulsi Gabbard maybe?"

"We need to have leaders in this country who understand what patriotism means, and patriotism means love of country, and you can't love your country if you don't love your countrymen", Booker said.

"In America", declares Booker in his launch ad, "courage is contagious".

In his interview with The Post, Trump predicted Booker was "not going to be a problem" for him to beat.

The Democrat senator from New Jersey throws his hat in the ring for 2020. A prominent Booker supporter, San Francisco attorney Steve Phillips, says he is working on millions of dollars in committed donations to a so-called super PAC that would boost the senator's candidacy, but Booker's campaign is openly against super PACs playing any role in the presidential race. "I believe we do", he said.

"I think a lot of folks are beginning to feel that the forces that are tearing us apart in this country are stronger than the forces that tie us together". Bernie Sanders is also mulling a presidential bid.

The 49-year-old Booker released an online video to his supporters stressing the power of the collective will of the American people to "channel our common pain back into our common objective".

Prior to Barack Obama's election in 2008, some in the Garden State familiar with the ambitious mayor's work, which included frequent ride-alongs with the city's law enforcement and, later, a high-profile education partnership with Facebook, openly mused about Booker's becoming the country's first black president.

What primary calculations change with Booker in the mix?

Cory Booker has been seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party since his days on the Newark City Council. "We have people getting more and more ratings by tearing down other people". That includes what he described as his "Spartacus moment" during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings last fall.

Born in the nation's capital but raised in New Jersey, Booker made a name for himself as Newark mayor by personally shoveling the snow of residents.

And as a surrogate for the 2012 Obama campaign, Booker admonished Democratic criticism of GOP nominee Mitt Romney's business career, saying: "Stop attacking private equity".

  • Tracy Klein