Should the Packers pursue a trade for WR Antonio Brown?

Anyone taking the affirmative on gambling whether or not Antonio Brown would be back with the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 10th season in 2019 might be thinking that was a bad idea, particularly after Brown tweeted a farewell video to the fans of the Steelers Tuesday morning.

Brown can't be officially traded until the start of the new league year in March, giving the 31 NFL teams time to weigh their options and send their offers Pittsburgh's way.

In the event that Brown is traded from the Steelers, ESPN analyst Damien Woody believes he could have some regrets.

Chalk it up as good news for the Bengals, as the Steelers become much easier to defend without Brown on the field.

But the Eagles can not afford not only his salary - $12.6 million this year and a total salary cap hit of $22.1 million when his prorated signing bonus kicks in - but also the baggage he brings.

The San Francisco 49ers have been considered to be the top destination for Brown ever since it was reported that the receiver was benched in Week 17 of last season.

It wasn't too long ago that Dallas dealt a first-round pick for a No.1 wide receiver.

You don't replace Antonio Brown. Trading him before June 1 would trigger a cap charge of more than $21 million. Not only did he seem to let the team down with the playoffs on the line, multiple prior incidents and several more since have made him a touchy topic. They either stick with him or trade him. It's about the risk, which is high, vs. the reward, which is minimal.

Now the question is, where will Brown go?

  • Steve Townsend