Airwolf star Jan-Michael Vincent dies aged 74 after suffering cardiac arrest

Jan-Michael Vincent at home in Santa Monica on July 6, 1999.

10 at a North Carolina hospital after suffering cardiac arrest, TMZ first reported, citing his death certificate.

In fact, as TMZ reports, Vincent's death certificate indicates the actor died February 10 after going into cardiac arrest at a hospital in North Carolina. According to Variety, he was discovered by a talent scout in 1967 after finishing a stint in the California Army National Guard, and landed a role in the Robert Conrad film "The Bandits". His noteworthy credits among the dozens of films in which he acted include Big Wednesday, with Gary Busey; Hooper, with Burt Reynolds; and Hard Country, opposite Kim Basinger.

During his life, Vincent struggled with drugs and alcohol and spent time in rehab facilities.

His most recent work was a 2002 movie called "White Boy".

However, it was Airwolf that truly made Vincent a star.

Born in Denver, he was signed to Universal Studios in the late '60s by casting agent Dick Clayton, and in 1969, he appeared in the John Wayne and Rock Hudson Civil War pic The Undefeated.

He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and daughter Amber.

In 2012 he had is right leg amputated as a result of an infection that nearly cost him his life.

  • Gwendolyn Kim