Mike Francesa On Tom Izzo Controversy: 'We've Gotten So Soft'

Izzo, 64, had a heated interaction with freshman forward Aaron Henry.

Second-seeded Michigan State plays No. 10 Minnesota on Saturday in the second round. "We're excited to play, and to advance, and I'm sure they are, too".

And in the midst of that game, a rather freaky incident happened between Spartans coach Tom Izzo and freshman Aaron Henry.

"I was so disappointed to hear all these jackasses on other networks complaining about a coach actually coaching his team", Barkley said. Chris argues that the expectation in college-level sports is that the coach will usually yell at a player.

Izzo's outburst didn't sit right with Seahawks Radio Network analyst Ray Roberts, a former NFL offensive lineman and Lake Washington High School football coach, so he joined Bob, Groz and Tom in the 710 ESPN Seattle studio on Friday to explain why. While the Tigers were a couple free throws away from being sent home by New Mexico State, the Jayhawks showed they were again tournament-ready in demolishing Northeastern by 34.

"This is one-and-done time", Izzo said. "I'm disappointed you can't coach a guy hard these days without somebody making a big deal about it".

"If you have ever been around Tom Izzo and his players you would understand the special relationship he has with them". 'Just responding to it is accepting the coaching and not having a pity-party for yourself and just being a basketball player and go respond.

Reid, a 6-10, 250-pound freshman, finished with 14 points - including two on a thunderous dunk in the first half- and 10 rebounds.

"I read (the book Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx) cover to cover in about one day because it spoke to what I've always thought as a player, and that was that coaching doesn't need to be screaming and yelling", Roberts said. 'It's once every blue moon, I feel like. The Spartans, Big Ten co-regular season and conference tournament champion, defeated the Gophers 79-55 on February 9 in East Lansing in their only previous meeting this season.

  • Steve Townsend